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Modular furniture refers to segmented units which can be assembled in many ways to provide tailored-made solutions to the user. Since integrated functionality is a part of modern furniture, Modular Wardrobe and Modular Kitchen both have become popular recently, given their high utility. Due to the multipurpose nature of modular or sectional furniture, the choice of Modular Wardrobe Designs as well as Modular Kitchen Designs is large and impressive.

Before we enlighten you with what modular wardrobes are, you might want to know a little history about them and where did this concept arise from.

The word wardrobe has come into our dictionaries from the country of France where it was addressed as "Warderobe". In French, the meaning of warder means "to look after or protect" and robe is a garment.

They were also referred to as an armoire which in French means a standing furniture piece which can be used to hold clothes.

Before a wardrobe came into existence, clothes were stored in trunks or chests. The luxury of a wardrobe only came into life when castles and palaces were built. Only these places could provide a separate housing for clothes and other ornaments. So a wardrobe in that time was referred to a whole room which was used for keeping the clothes of wealthy people. These rooms had wall spaces which were usually occupied by cupboards and lockers. In the present scenario, this scene has evolved and now a wardrobe is inbuilt with drawers, shelves and hanging spaces.

In the very start, a wardrobe design was an open closet where the clothes were hung. But during the 19th century, there was a development in the design and it gravitated towards a modern style. Now it was more of a hanging cupboard on each lateral with shelves over drawers in the midpoint. Ultimately, this design with the centre door fencing the top area was modified and brought to the floor covering drawers and shelves. Finally, this design was dressed with a mirror.

In the existing design world, a wardrobe is no longer a part of the wealthy people's world. These are now designed with various types and qualities of materials that allow prices to vary from inexpensive to expensive. The wood choices like pine, mahogany and oak have always been around and are some of the most popular types of woods available. There are other types of woods like timbers, Indian rose woods and mango wood. Modern wardrobes are usually crafted from a combination of materials like MDF and solid wood.

A modular wardrobe is one step ahead of our basic closets and come with a sexy appeal that brings more functionality and technology into light. They are not just the latest in fashion but also raise the glam quotient of your home. These deluxe closets come with plenty of space for people who love going crazy while selecting clothes and getting dressed to look the best.

Modular Wardrobe Designs India Online - How to Select Your Wardrobe Design

A bedroom is incomplete without two major components; bed and the wardrobe. You might not struggle much in finding the right style and comfort in a bed but for a wardrobe the road might get a bit tricky. Before choosing the right closet, one has to consider a lot of things in accordance to its style or design.

Modular wardrobes have the following types and you can choose the right one according to your decor and needs.

Full Panel

Full panel wardrobes for your bedroom brings in a lot of space to keep all your stuff organised and neat. The full panel wardrobe covers the entire wall and is structured with various drawers, hangings and shelves to dangle clothes and accessories of different sizes. These wardrobes can be designed in various styles like a built-in or a fitted one or a walk in closet. You can choose your style and panels according to the space in your bedroom.


Sliding wardrobes have gained a lot of popularity in the present scenario. This type of wardrobe is a great option for saving space and adding a sophisticated look to your room. If you are under a space crunch and still need a stylish layout for your room, you can fit this wardrobe against the wall. These wardrobes will avoid the situation wherein the doors crash on each other while opening.


Walk-in wardrobes are created with either hinged, sliding or bi-fold doors. Such designs are built into the wall and are covered using curtains or doors that fold.

Understanding Modular Wardrobe Designs and the Types of Materials Used

Planning your wardrobe depends on a very important factor of layout. The type of layout you work with has a crucial role in the complete outlook. Wardrobe openings come in various shapes and sizes but they usually follow the same straightforward layout profiles. Following are some common layout shapes in a modular wardrobe design.

Layouts for a Built-in Wardrobe

Standard Opening

This type of layout refers to a prevailing opening of a wardrobe that is need of shelving only.

Straight Wall

A straight wall layout needs sections and shelving on either sides for fencing the wardrobe.

Opening from Left Corner

This layout works around enclosing the wardrobe through shelving on the left corner and a panel on the right side.

Opening from Right Corner

This layout works around enclosing the wardrobe through shelving on the right corner and a panel on the left side.

Layouts for a Walk-in Wardrobe

There are three particular layouts that work for walk-in wardrobes. These are namely, U-shaped, G shaped and walk through.


After you have decided on the type and design of the modular wardrobe you wish to incorporate in your bedroom, you need to decide on the budget too. The budget depends on the material used to create a wardrobe and thus the prices accordingly.

Particle board is basically a man-made or engineered wood which is manufactured by joining together chips of wood, wood shavings and sawdust. This material is used worldwide for crafting furniture items which are kept away from dampness and humidity. One of the types of particle boards is the pre-laminated board which has lamination on the surface to make it more persistent. Pre-laminated particle board does not distort until its lamination wears off. Particle board as compared to other soft woods is strong and does not dent easily. This type of wood is available in different viscosity and density and in various colour tones as well. You can select the one which suits your needs.

Modular Wardrobe Design and Preparing your Room

  • If you have a narrow space in your home or you are in a space crunch, opting for sliding doors in modular wardrobe would be the best option. This is because they will not take up space while opening as compared to normal closet doors.

  • You can opt for mirror finished modular wardrobe to make your small room appear large.

  • If you have a larger room, go for hinged doors. This idea allows you a complete access to the wardrobe. Also, when choosing hinged wardrobe doors, make sure its placement does not hinder any furniture, lighting or doorways.

  • Another very important thing you need to remember when preparing a room around a modular wardrobe are the internal fittings. These fittings should be decided considering your storage needs. For instance, if you have long garments in your wardrobe, there should be enough full length space to hang them.


A wardrobe is a simple furniture piece which is both purposeful and systematized. Understanding a modular wardrobe is simple. All you need to know is its various components.

  • A modular wardrobe has thick side and partition panels that are fitted with LED lights alongside the full height. The internal light has a switch which turns on or off with touch.

  • Wardrobes are built with cabinets that are ideally 650 mm and have a depth of 600mm. This component of a wardrobe is used to hang clothes and can be used otherwise given its versatility.

  • The next component is the integrated handle. The ends of the wardrobe doors are completed alongside their complete dimension with a handle. There is also a ventilation gap between the door and cabinet in order to ensure air circulation all the time.

  • Storage components like drawers, shelves, clothing rods, show racks and more are flexible in height and are smoothly attached to the outlines on the side pane.

  • Pivot hinges are the components that follow the self-closing mechanism and are fitted across the wardrobe high doors.

  • The doors of the wardrobe have a closing mechanism that works with the help of a magnet and silencer. An aluminium rim is used to finish off the wall of the opening and closing module.

  • Some modular wardrobes have the component of light. The sides and the middle panel has an LED strip along the complete height. This light component can be operated through touch or remote control.

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Modular furniture for your house comes with many advantages like easy installation, stress-free modification and can also be expanded comfortably. It requires minimum effort for modular furniture to be dismantled and transported. You can combine it easily with distinct components ranging from inherited furniture to fragments of art. Modular furniture has better flexibility with superior quality finished products and better usage of practical and inventive hardware options. This type of furniture relies less on individual skill set and labour needs.

Modular Wardrobe Design Prices and Where to Buy

A modular wardrobe's price is dependent on its construction i.e., the material, its appearance, the design and the space it occupies. Characteristically, its price range starts from approximately Rs.25 thousand and can go up to lakhs. The price also depends on a particular brand. For example, an international brand might deliver a wardrobe at a higher price. Depending upon your requirement, taste and budget, you can select the best option.

While choosing a design online, it is very important to do your homework first. You can do your research work and surf various online furniture stores to choose the best. Depending on your requirement and the accessories, the price may vary. You can choose a modular wardrobe design from local brands without negotiating on quality. You just have to ensure to receive a proper warranty and bill when purchasing online.

Many of us would not like the idea of online shopping when it comes to an investment for a modular wardrobe. If you are one of those who would want to touch and feel the product first, then there are various offline options as well. You can visit any furniture store nearest in your locality and choose the one that fits perfectly as per your requirement. Offline options have an upper hand over online in terms of delivery but online shopping might get you better discounts and deals.

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