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Modular kitchen

Modular furniture comprises of pre-made units which can be assembled in various ways to suit the customized requirement of the user. Since integrated functionality is a part of modern furniture, Modular Wardrobe and Modular Kitchen both have gained popularity of late. Due to the versatile nature of modular or sectional furniture, there is a huge variety of Modular Wardrobe Designs as well as Modular Kitchen Designs to choose from.

A modular kitchen is a set of pre-made cabinets that can be easily assembled together to give the user a fully functional design. It usually features a clean and contemporary finish and comes in a variety of colours and finishes. The pre-made cabinets are available in two forms - lower and upper units. It not only offers you a sense of freedom for customisation, it also gives you plenty of storage in limited space. They are gaining popularity because they are much smoother to operate and look smarter than the non-modular form of kitchens.

The modular form of kitchens date back to more than 125 years and are said to be used and conceptualized first in Germany. However, the designs became extremely popular in Sweden and were known as Swedish Kitchens for quite a long a time.

As compared to the custom-made kitchens, a modular kitchen is less expensive as everything is pre-made. Opting for it helps save time as everything is already constructed and just requires installation. On the other hand, custom-made kitchen needs to be built onsite, is time-consuming and sometimes may not give you a satisfactory result both in the looks & utility departments.

Advantages of Modular Kitchen

  • Aside of the high functionality because of well-defined storage modules it gives your cooking area a well-defined, sleek, clean and trendy look.

  • It not only adds to the beauty of the house, it also offers enough storage space for all big and small utensils.

  • One can choose from a variety of colours, patterns and finishes to make the kitchen stand out from the rest and match the look of the house.

  • Not only it is easy to repair, the easy to assemble and reassemble feature allows you to carry it along when you change your home.

  • One can effortlessly clean it without any professional help.

  • If any of the components of your modular kitchen go bad or get affected by the environment, they can easily be replaced/repaired. While replacing or repairing the affected area, other parts of need not to be disturbed.

  • They are highly durable as the attachments are usually made using high-quality material.

  • A modular kitchen makes working easier and convenient, courtesy the properly planned cabinets, drawers and racks.

  • You can also opt for one that matches the design of the furniture kept in your house.

How to Select your kitchen design?

Choosing the right modern kitchen design is certainly not an easy task. They come in a variety of styles, designs, materials and more. Having one allows you optimised workspace, increased functionality, freedom of personalisation and amazing inbuilt features. So, if you are planning to have a modern kitchen in your newly renovated house or moving into a new home, read down about the various modular kitchen designs available online and in the market.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

U - shaped Modular Kitchen

Those who are blessed with an abundance of space should go for a U-shaped modular kitchen as it offers maximum space to hold all the utility items and to cook easily. So, if you have a huge kitchen, go for a U-shaped one for your home.

L - shaped Modular Kitchen

Offering enough space to cook and hold utility items, the L-shaped modular kitchen can be installed both in small and large space. If needed, the dining area can be easily accommodated in the kitchen area in this design.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen
Parallel or Straight Modular Kitchen

Parallel or straight Modular Kitchen

Great for homes that have limited space, parallel or straight modular kitchen is constructed in a way that it optimises the space well and gives more in less space.

Island Modular Kitchen

Island modular kitchen is a great combination of L-shaped and parallel design. In addition, it also offers great storage space. If you love spending time in the kitchen and have a lot of space, consider having the Island form of modular kitchen. If you wish to have a small kitchen with modular facilities, this shape is the best for you.

Italian Modular Kitchen

Understanding Modular Kitchen Designs & Types of Material

The colour and material make a high impact on the overall look of any space. The kitchen cabinets can be made using a number of materials such as wood, stainless steel, pre-laminate particle board, acrylic and more. Each material has its share of merits. For a rustic and natural look, wood is a great choice, while for a more modern look, manmade materials like pre-laminate particle board come in an endless range of colours and designs. One can always opt for two colours to give the space an eclectic look.

If you are planning to have a modular kitchen in your house, the choice of material would play a big role in determining the overall look of your house. Here, we have listed some of the most commonly and widely used materials for modular kitchen.

Durable in nature, solid wood stands as the number one choice in modular kitchen materials. It is also a popular choice for furniture items like dining chairs, book shelves and more. If you wish to give your space a classical and furnished look, solid wood would be the best choice for you. The solid wood modular kitchen would look fresh and new even after years of hard use.

After solid wood, plywood is the second best choice for the modular kitchen. The laminates enhance the look and finish while the sturdy material makes it long-lasting. Also known as engineered wood, plywood today is used extensively around the world to make kitchen furnishings.

MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is made using multiple wood fibres. MDF has a smooth texture and can be given great finish using laminates of different designs and colours. If you wish to give your kitchen a contemporary look, go for MDF.

Though stainless steel gives a clean finish and is becoming popular among homeowners, professionals do not recommend it because it is a strong conductor of electricity and calls for maintenance every now and then. Stains and scratches are other drawbacks of stainless steel.


The price of your modular kitchen would depend largely on the types of material used, the space it is occupying and the style that you choose. In addition, the quality of fixtures, chimney and burner also plays an important role in determining the budget. Usually the price ranges from Rs. 80,000 to 5 lakh.

Types of Hinges used in Modular Kitchen Drawers

Modular Kitchen Accessories Also known as butterfly hinges, T-straps and H-hinges, they are simple to install and are fully visible when installed on any door or cabinet. Available in various shapes and sizes, surface mount hinges add to the aesthetics of the design.

Overlay HingesDesigned to hold two sides of a door, overlay hinges are partially visible (knuckle and the wings) when installed on any door or cabinet. They are extremely popular in furniture items like chests and ottomans.

Flush HingesAlso known as butt hinges, when installed flush hinges are almost invisible from the outside and are tightly held by screws that are flat-head.

Wrap Around HingesConsidered as one of the strongest hinges, wrap around hinges are mostly used in cabinets that are heavy and of high use. Only the knuckle is visible after installation.

Concealed HingesSturdy and durable, concealed hinges become invisible when the door is shut. Concealed hinges are difficult to install and thus require professional help.

Modular Kitchen Design & Preparing Your Kitchen

Choosing the right modular kitchen is as important as choosing the right couch and curtains. A bad decision may backfire and all your money would go in vain. To make your set-up look aesthetically pleasing, all you need to do is a little evaluation of your space and requirements. So, if you are planning to have a modular kitchen in your home, here are some aspects that you need to keep in mind to make a smart choice.

Always keep in mind the concept of "work triangle" when planning your modular kitchen. The cooking range, the burner, the sink and the refrigerator should be connected to each other with imaginary lines that help ease the workflow. Make sure that no leg of the triangle goes over 9 feet or stays under 4 feet. The three legs should make a total sum of maximum 26 feet.

Never ever compromise on the ventilation part of your kitchen. There should always be an effective chimney to keep away unwanted smoke and smell. If not a chimney, make sure your kitchen has a vent or a window next to the hob.

Shutters represent your kitchen as they are the only visible part. They come in a variety of colours and finishes to choose from. Whether you wish to go for a laminated finish or hi-gloss finish, the choice is yours.

Wall paint, tiles and more play a very vital role in determining the overall look of your kitchen. Choose semi or high-gloss paint over matte-finish as they are easy to clean. For the area behind the counter, choose washable paint or tiles.

The choice of your surface can make or break the look of your modular kitchen. So, make sure you are choosing the right one for your space. Though natural stones are common for worktops, avoid using marble as it is highly porous and stains easily. Corian, on the other hand, is a great option, as it does not crack easily and minor dents can be easily removed through home remedies.

Natural light is best for your space during the daytime while for night install ceiling and wall lights that offer proper light. If you are planning to have a proper worktop area in your kitchen design, make sure you are getting a task light installed above it.

Every inch of the kitchen is useful. Make sure you are organizing things in a way that every inch becomes useful. Store all your jars and boxes neatly, give the spoons and forks a separate place and more. To give your space an open feel, opt for glass-panelled doors.

Never underestimate the value of a sink. Invest in a good quality stainless steel sink, preferably with two bowls for easy washing. Use the area under the sink to store all your cleaning agents and equipment away from everyone's eyes.

How to Measure for Your Modular Kitchen

  • When measuring for your modular kitchen, measuring the length and width of the room i.e., from wall to wall or wall to the doorway is extremely important.

  • Consider measuring the total height of the room (floor to ceiling) to make maximum use of your space.

  • Before you get your modular kitchen installed, make sure you are keeping in mind the positioning of the light buttons and power points. The important ones should not get blocked, as you would need them to operate your electronic appliances.

  • Also, the location of windows should be well-thought-out for great ventilation.

  • Make sure the drawers and cabinet doors are not blocking the way of any other item in your kitchen.

frequently asked questions

A modular kitchen is made using cabinets and modules that are pre-made and truly define words like elegant, compact, etc. It's a one-time investment with lifetime benefits. The easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble property of modular kitchen makes it easy to move around, especially if you live in a rented apartment. In addition, it can be personalised and customised according to your space and needs. Last but not the least, modular kitchens are great space savers.

Modular Kitchen Design Prices & Where to Buy?

The price of a designer modular kitchen depends largely on the quality of materials, look, style and space. Typically, the price ranges from Rs. 80 thousand to 5 lakhs. However, if you go for international brands, the rates can go as high as Rs. 2-5 crores depending on what you need and desire.

If you are planning to have a modular kitchen in your home, make sure you are doing a good research by visiting online stores that offer designer modular kitchen online. There are websites with the help of which you can get a price estimate according to your needs. The price may go high or low basis the quality of accessories you opt for. For example, If you add a burner and chimney as well, the price can go higher than expected.

You can opt for local brands without compromising on design or material. However, make sure to get a proper warranty bill when buying online. After you have made your purchase, delivery and installation may take 15 days - 2 months (depending on your location).

Not everyone is comfortable shopping online. If you are someone who likes buying something only after touching it and getting a feel of the material, you can visit your nearest store and look for a modular kitchen according to your budget and planning.

The highly trained professionals at the stores can also help you in choosing the best one and give answers to all your questions related to your purchase. After you have made a choice, installation can take up to 15 days minimum. The best part about buying from a store is that you don't have to wait for a long-time for delivery as compared to online shopping.

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