Victorian Style Décor For Your Home

Pramila Sarkar

November 29, 2016

Victorian style interior decor is a classic style for any home. It is named after queen Victoria I, and dates to late 1800’s. The decor reflects the taste & style of that era. The decorating style offers a combination of luxurious and extravagant look. It is full of ornate embellishments, upholstered furniture, dark woods, heavy drapes and carpeting. If you want to give your abode the Victorian touch without overwhelming the concept, here is your guide to do it right.

1. Furniture

The Victorian decor consists of plush furniture intricately carved in mostly curved designs. The seating of the furniture must be upholstered with fine textured fabrics such as velvet. Beds are mostly made of wrought iron, metal or wood with excellent craftsmanship. You can find Victorian style furniture in any antique shop. Most of the furniture legs are beautifully carved with round or bun foot.

Victorian style chair

2. Lighting Fixtures

As you know by now, ornate and magnificent furnishings are a part of Victorian decor. You can create the perfect look by adding sterling pieces of glass chandelier, beaded lamp shades or cast iron lanterns to recreate the era. For a truly authentic feel, you can place Victorian style candle stands over your fireplace mantle or console table.


3. Window Treatment

Elegant and stylised draperies are one of the significant features of Victorian style decor. Replace the blinds and simple drapes with some luxuriant curtain fabrics such as silk or velvet in rich colours. You can also revive the windows with stained glass for an opulent look.

window treatment

4. Furnishings

Victorian decor is incomplete without the distinguished style of furnishings. The era is known for its impeccable & bold decor items. You can adorn your home with decorative flower vases with bold floral patterns, needlepoint pillow cases, antique paintings with grandiose frames, and a wide variety of knick-knacks.

dining room

5. Wall Paint

Well, nothing is quite complete unless the paint on the walls complements the decor. People in the Victorian area loved to play with bold colours. Rich hues of green, brown, golden, red paint colours were very popular. However, unless you want to re-create an entirely Victorian abode, it will be slightly risky to have those colours. In that case, you can use modern Victorian or vector baroque ornament in Victorian style wall decals or wall art for an authentic feel. You can also have an accent wall to bring in the Victorian drama to your home.

living room

Follow this simple guideline to get the perfect Victorian look. Victorian Style decor can mix & match with a variety of other styles which makes it an easy to do option. Although, a little expensive but undoubtedly adds a grandiose look to any abode. Intricately designed and highly polished furniture is one of the features of Victorian style that must be followed. Remember, with Victorian style, restraint is used sparingly. So, choose abundant from silk draperies, Kashmiri carpets to beautifully done furnishings for a lavish and grand ambience.

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