The Benefits Of Having A Sofa With Removable Covers

Ankita Singgh

August 08, 2016

Buying a sofa is a huge investment. You can’t change them every season like you change your curtains or cushion covers. Every time you plan a makeover; you have to think of a decor around the colour of your couch, which at times would make you feel restricted. So, is there a solution? Yup, removable sofa covers. You can easily give your house a new look by simply changing the cover of your sofa. The benefits listed below would surely convince you to have a sofa with removable covers.

• Removable sofa covers are a blessing for homes that have naughty kids and pets. Spills can be easily handled by removing the covers and immediately putting to wash.

• Keeping the sofa look good and all new becomes easy with removable sofa covers. You can easily take out the cover from the back cushions, body and seat cushions and get them dry cleaned or wash at home. Crazy parties with friends would become more relaxing. The next day all you have to do is to take out the covers and wash them according to the labelled care instructions.

• Another great advantage of removable sofa covers is that you can easily change the look of your space by simply changing the cover of your sofa set. They are easy to take out and put on and definitely a lot cheaper than buying a new sofa.

• Special occasions become all-the-more special with removable sofa covers. You can have the best of both worlds by buying a few machine washable sofa covers for daily use and a few in plush fabric for special occasions. Always get the plush ones’ dry cleaned for a longer life and healthier look.

• Another advantage is that removable covers usually have a zip closure that keeps the cover intact at one place.

• You can even get a sofa cover custom-made according to the event you are hosting. From getting one in a cute print for the baby shower to one with Santa print all over for the Christmas party, you can get them all.

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