Simple Ways To Add Mediterranean Beauty To Your Living Room

Aleenaa Dandona

December 02, 2016

The beautiful and eye-pleasing style got it roots from the countries residing North of the Mediterranean Sea like Spain, Italy and Greece. Presently known as “Spanish modern” the Mediterranean style of furniture can be perfectly described as simple yet elegantly formal. This style of interior gives out vibes of simplicity and relaxation accompanied by a life which is in connect to nature and is moving with a slow and serene pace.

If you are looking to give your living room a fresh change to make it more serene and calm, how about trying the Mediterranean makeover? This style not only exudes stylishness but its laid-back vibe will transport you to a holiday mode.

Following are some easy and beautiful ways to enrich your décor with Mediterranean beauty.

The Magic of Walls

Mediterranean style of living focusses on straightforwardness with no complications whatsoever. The white wash effect for your walls is a brilliant idea for giving the space some freshness and a soothing touch. This white background can be made attractive by adding colourful décor accessories for a complete picture. If you do not wish to keep your backdrop white, colourwash them in any Mediterranean colour. Following the latest trends, you can even give your walls an ombre effect with paint or wallpaper.

Textural Beauty

Balancing the intensity in a white room is very crucial. To bring out this balancing act and add depth to the space, bring in textures. The best way to add texture in a room is with the help of furnishing items like carpets and rugs, curtains, cushions and more.

Accessorising Colours

Home accessories like vases, decorative bowls, beautiful cushion covers and more are a great way of adding a vibrant touch of colours to the entire space. No matter what colour or number of items you wish to add, make sure the space does not look cluttered. Simplicity is always the key for Mediterranean décor. Use various Mediterranean colours like metallic (gold and copper), earthy browns, turquoise blue of the sea and yellow from the sunshine.

Outside Inside

To harmonise the atmosphere, this decorating style shadows the borders that exist between the outside and inside of a home. To get a similar effect in your home, adorn it with potted plants and flowers to get some natural beauty and refreshing touch to your décor.

Wooden Wonders

Mediterranean décor is a huge fan of natural elements especially anything wooden. Wood is known to bring warmth and serenity to a home and works wonderfully around white. Using wooden furniture like a coffee table or wall shelves or storage cabinets is a perfect pick. You can also theme the wooden works with some rustic elements like sculptural stones, intricately carved bowls and more.

Natural Brightness

Mediterranean homes are known for the abundant natural light they receive. So, you will always find huge windows to let the sunshine in. Let the natural light flow in to top up the décor just like a Mediterranean home.

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