How To Clean And Maintain Your Curtains

Ankita Singgh

June 24, 2016

Curtains play a major role in determining the overall look of any space. To simply put, they are an important part. Not only should you choose them keeping in mind the design and overall look of your house but also aim at keeping them crisp and clean all the time to maintain their charm and beauty. After using them for a year or more, they might lose their charm and colour, but if you take good care of them, they may last longer than expected. Read down to know how you keep your curtains clean and welcoming by simply keeping in mind a few tips.

Regular dusting is the key

Increase the life of your curtains by dusting them on a regular basis. Dust mites when get accumulated on any fabric tend to decrease the life span of it. If you have a vacuum cleaner, make sure you are dusting your curtains using the upholstery attachment. On the other hand, you can also shake them a bit to dislodge the dust particles. You can even you a polyester duster or a feather duster to clean delicate curtains.

Love the delicate ones

Never try and wash delicate curtains (lace or sheer) by throwing them directly into the washing machine. To avoid fraying the fabric, either hand wash them or seal them in a mesh bag before popping in the washing machine. Also, never wash white curtains with coloured ones to keep them white and healthy for always.

Check the care label

Every material calls for special attention. Before washing your curtains, read the care instructions mentioned on the label clearly. The detergent and its suitability to the curtains also matters. So, make sure you are checking that as well. If possible, use a mild detergent or liquid detergent to wash your curtains to keep them looking bright and healthy. Remove all the hooks and metal fittings before washing and line dry them later. You can also dry them in the dryer or your machine by keeping the setting on low.

Trust the professionals

If you have never washed your curtains at home, then the best way to clean them is by given them to the dry cleaners. Find a professional dry cleaner in your locality, make them understand the delicacy of the fabric and to avoid any mistakes, talk to the manager beforehand.

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