Different Types Of Woods Used For Furniture

Ankita Singgh

April 21, 2016

When we go for furniture shopping, we come across a variety of wood type for different types of furniture items. Does that confuse you? Well, throw away all the confusing factors and read through to get some basic knowledge about types of woods and their characteristics.

wooden furniture

Teak: Teak is agreeably the prime choice for making furniture and doors in our home. This type of wood can be used for both furniture types including practical and lifestyle. The maturity time of teak is about 50-70 years which makes it quite expensive and you might have second thoughts before purchasing it. But teak is considered to be the most durable hardwood which is strong and heavyweight. It comes in colours varying from dark brown to golden brown.

Sheesham or Rosewood: Teak being the king of woods, rosewood is considered to be the queen. This type is hard and heavy and is known for its stable nature and resistance to decay. It got its name from its colour which is dark reddish brown. You can judge its quality by its distinct fragrance.

Rubber Wood: India has a new wood member in the furniture scene, rubber wood which comes from the same tree used to excerpt latex for producing rubber. It is quite sturdy and cheap when compared to teak and rosewood. Although it is lighter than teak, it takes away an extra brownie point with its brilliant density and resistance to screw withdrawal which consequently gives long life to your fixtures.

Wenge: A perfect choice for modern décor, wenge wood comes in beautiful cappuccino colour with black grains. This hardwood is expensive but provides good quality and durability.

Cherry: Cherry is a wood type used in fine furniture and thus is an expensive hardwood. It can easily take on finishes and stains and with time this wood furniture grows beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Mahogany: This type is the main man in the fine wood furniture line and is also one of the most treasured one out of all the options. This expensive type comes in a reddish brown to deep red colour.

Pine: Pine is the primary wood used in unfinished furniture. This wood type has a light colour and has the ability to take stains well which makes it ideal for staining or painting with different colours. you will find familiar grain on pine with its knots and clearly visible growth of rings.

Engineered Wood: All the above mentioned wood types is a gift of nature while engineered woods are manmade and are created by tying together strands of woods, fibres or veneers. These are joined using adhesives to create a fused material. Different types of engineered wood consist of plywood, fibrewood like MDF and oriented strand board.

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