Decorate Your Home With Stunning Jewel Tones

Pramila Sarkar

December 29, 2016

What are jewel tones? As the name suggests, colour tones inspired by precious gemstones are known as jewel tones. Gemstones such as emerald, sapphire, garnet, ruby, etc., offer rich hues and have the ability to make your home décor look elegant and sophisticated. Jewel tones are hot and trending. Read more to know about the opulent jewel hues that will brighten up your home décor.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is a luxurious colour that can seem a little intimidating if used as topping for interior décor. But when played well, it can set the right tone for an affluent look and feel. You can add upholstered emerald green velvet furniture along with a few traditional or modern touches that will instantly glam up your décor.

vintage chaise

Garnet Pink

Pink is elegant, royal and dares to inspire. Pulling off a bright hue of pink does need some level of expertise. Brilliant and beaming pink will pair very well with antiques, vintage, metallic furnishings and black & white colours.

living room

Airy Turquoise

Beautiful and lively turquoise can easily brighten up any corner of the house. It creates a fresh and aqua look which lends a subtle vibe to the ambience. Turquoise pairs well with rich browns, complementing yellows and even royal blue.

living room

Ruby Red

Red, the traditional and modern contemporary colour that can be infused with various home décor styles, has a charm of its own. Decorating red with shiny hues of gold and rich wood enhances the bright colour manifolds. It can also work well with romantic and masculine spaces.

red living room

Magnificent Magenta

Magenta, undeniably is one of the boldest colours the eyes have seen. It’s glorious, majestic and proud. Incorporating magenta as an accent colour is quite simple as it adds a feminine and cheerful touch to the interiors. However, if you wish to enjoy magenta as your main colour, such as on one of the walls of your living room, make sure you pair it well with light colours such as cream and white or complementing pastel colours. The healthy pairing of black, white & gold accents with magenta will create a glorious look.

magenta tray

Grandiose Amethyst

Amethyst is one jewel tone which epitomises visions of luxury in lush fabrics. The vivid hues of amethyst are great to enhance different spaces. For instance, you can add a purple sofa to your living room for an opulent look and add a lavender wall art along with shades of lavender for a serene one. The enchanting purple can glamourize any space. Topaz yellow is an equally vibrant jewel tone that offers an eclectic contrast to amethyst.


Sapphire Blue

The blue jewel tone is as plush and regal as the sapphire gemstone. You can utilise this blue with accent décor, choose it as your main colour or just create a separate nook in your home. It can be paired beautifully with different black, grey, light pink, white, and gold tones for creating a classy look. Remember, this colour is a showstopper, so add other hues in relative quantity.

blue sofa

Mixed Jewels

Mixed jewels simply mean adding more than one jewel tone colour into your home. It is indeed a delightful challenge that transforms the abode to a magnificent one. You can find various jewel tone inspirations online that will offer a grand look & feel. Whether you choose to paint the interior or add few jewel tone décor items, do it with complete gratification and admirations are sure to pour in.

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