Trendy Ways to Decorate with Book Shelves

Trendy Ways To Decorate With Book Shelves

If you love books and want to create an impressive display, then you must know these smart tricks to decorate your space with bookshelves.

Basics of Feng Shui

Basics Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Vastu Shastra of Chinese culture. In their culture, Feng means wind and Shui means water.

How to work from home in style

How To Work From Home In Style

Today, work from home is nothing less than a trend. Every second company offers this facility to its employees so that they can even work on those days when the traffic outside won’t allow them to reach work.

How to take good care of your office chair

How To Take Good Care Of Your Office Chair

A dusty and stained office chair may leave a great impact on your performance. Your workspace and everything related to it should be clean and organised neatly in a way that they motivate you to work more and work efficiently.

For an all Girly Workspace

For An All Girly Workspace

When it comes to decorating their workspace, men and women have different ideas altogether. Are you one of those who loves updating and keeping their workspace all girly? Is it always on the top of the list and it makes your like really happy?

Office Chairs Buying Guide

Office Chairs Buying Guide

When buying chairs for your office, whether for a dedicated office space or for your home office, there are many things that one should consider and keep in mind.

This is Why You Should Opt for Contemporary Office Furniture

This Is Why You Should Opt For Contemporary Office Furniture

Your office furniture and the type of décor your workspace has can make a lot of difference to the way a potential client identifies you or how your staff interpret their work. First impression is always the last and the most important impression and which is why we should always try to invest some good time in selecting the appropriate office furniture for the office space.

Office Chairs - Various Types Decoded

Office Chairs - Various Types Decoded

Have you ever thought how much time do we spend in our life working? An average human being who ages between 20-65 works 40-45 hours in a week, meaning he/she spends around 11 years working.

Modern vs. Custom Office Furniture

Modern Vs. Custom Office Furniture

When designing a home office with office furniture, there might be many anxieties a buyer would feel in respect to the type of furniture that should be used. Buyers can choose modular or custom made office furniture which are designed with features that business owners or homebound employees require to keep their stuff organised and work in an efficient way.

Health Benefits of Ergonomic Chair at Work

Health Benefits Of Ergonomic Chair At Work

Have you been spending more than 8 hours at your desk and have started to get pain the back, shoulders and neck by the end of the day? Well, it might not be because you are not well but maybe because you are not using the right office chair.

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