Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Small bathrooms can wreak havoc on one’s life if every inch of space is not utilised properly. It can be tricky to arrange all the toiletries in the most efficient way without being a little smart.

Have You Been Storing Your Toiletries Wrong All This While?

Have You Been Storing Your Toiletries Wrong All This While?

No one wants to walk into a room which is filled with mess. And as a fact the messiest room out of all the rooms in our home is the bathroom.

Benefits of Open Shelving in Kitchen

Benefits Of Open Shelving In Kitchen

So, what is open shelving? As the name suggests, it is an open system of shelves for kitchen.

Best Multifunctional Furniture for Limited Spaces

Best Multifunctional Furniture For Limited Spaces

Do you want to maximise storage into your limited space? Versatile multifunctional furniture is your answer.

Advantages of Built-in Wardrobe

Advantages Of Built-in Wardrobe

Wardrobes are an inevitable part of every household. With number of different shapes and sizes, wardrobe designs are either built-in or standalone wherein one can store their clothes, shoes and other essentials.

Bamboo- An Ideal Material for Cabinets

Bamboo- An Ideal Material For Cabinets

Cabinets are a very essential part of every home whether it is for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. A good cabinet design merges functionality with graceful looks and there are different wood types that are used to attain the same.

Use these 5 tips to make the most out of the corners

Use These 5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of The Corners

Creating a home that is devoid of mess is a dream of every homeowner. From small display items that find their way into the invisible and awkward spaces to your clumsy family members who intentionally or unintentionally keep you on your toes when on a cleaning spree, the challenge is endless!

8 spacious and sturdy storage cabinets to buy

8 Spacious And Sturdy Storage Cabinets To Buy

Storage cabinets are a blessing for homes that have shortage of storage space. Available in a variety of designs and materials, storage cabinets are a great option to add additional storage space in any room and part of your house.

Storage Secrets- How to Use Space Under the Coffee Table Stylishly

Storage Secrets- How To Use Space Under The Coffee Table Stylishly

If your living room has a coffee table with a low shelf, then you are in for a stylish treat. This area under the coffee table can be used to keep some really useful items but in a classy and attractive way.

Trunk Box Buying Guide

Trunk Box Buying Guide

Small homes have been using different storage options to the solve the problem of less space and more stuff.

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