Basics of Feng Shui

Basics Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Vastu Shastra of Chinese culture. In their culture, Feng means wind and Shui means water.

Creative Ways to Repurpose Kid’s Furniture

Creative Ways To Repurpose Kid’s Furniture

As a new parent, you always stack your child’s room with all the necessary furniture and everything your child might need to develop creativity, learning, etc. Well, now they are growing old and so is the furniture.

Optimize Storage Solutions for Your Kid’s Bedroom

Optimize Storage Solutions For Your Kid’s Bedroom

Let’s face it a child’s room can be the biggest mess that needs immense storage space to stow away toys, stationeries, clothes and more. The ever increasing need hardly seems to end and with time their rooms start to cramp up.

How to keep the Blues & Pinks out of your baby's nursery

How To Keep The Blues & Pinks Out Of Your Baby's Nursery

Designing a room or a nursery for your little one can be a tough task if you wish to stay away from regular powder blues and baby pinks.

Chalkboard wall for the kids’ room- Yes or No?

Chalkboard Wall For The Kids’ Room- Yes Or No?

Kids’ when start learning how to write, the walls in the house get affected the most. They are scribbled using almost every colour one can imagine. From ABC to 123 to the language that only kids’ can understand, the walls around the house are practically ruined.

A Guide to Buying Kids Shower Curtains

A Guide To Buying Kids Shower Curtains

It is never easy when you need to decide about how to design your kid’s room including their bathroom. Although it can be a lot of fun with innumerable options available in terms of different themes and décor ideas.

Buying a study table? Know how to choose the right one

Buying A Study Table? Know How To Choose The Right One

A child’s room is his/her private retreat. It plays a great role during the growing years. It’s their small world where they learn how to climb up the bed, scribble, join the blocks and much more. This room should have everything that keeps them comfortable.

A Hello Kitty Themed Bedroom for Your Little One

A Hello Kitty Themed Bedroom For Your Little One

When decorating your little girl’s room, you can get all creative and introduce cute and colourful elements of all sorts. Girls are enchanted by adorable and cute things that look all girly or are in their favourite colour pink.

5 Funky Wall Decals for Your Kid’s Room

5 Funky Wall Decals For Your Kid’s Room

Decorating your kid’s room can be one of the toughest and time consuming task as compared to the rest of the décor. With time kids not only grow in age but also in their taste.

Must-haves for your teen's bedroom

Must-haves For Your Teen's Bedroom

As a kids enter into their teenage, their life starts dangling in discovering what they like and their individual identities. From getting their body pierced to dyeing their hair in every colour imaginable, they become experimental and pick up unique style choices.

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