5 Bath Accessory Sets That Add Style to Your Bathroom

5 Bath Accessory Sets That Add Style To Your Bathroom

A must-have for every bathroom, a bath accessory set is a stylish yet utilitarian addition. You can easily choose one according to the colour scheme of your bathroom for a complete setup.

This Christmas, take an oath to avoid waste!

This Christmas, Take An Oath To Avoid Waste!

The best time of the year is almost here. The festive spirit has already started pumping up. Shops are overloaded with décor items and Christmas trees of all sizes. But, what happens to all the gift wrapping papers, décor items and left over food after the festive season ends?

How to Plan your Home That is Easy-to-Clean & Maintain

How To Plan Your Home That Is Easy-to-Clean & Maintain

Are you an organized person and someone who is seeking for less clutter and less stress in their life? For those of us whose busy work schedules leave no time for anything else, the last thing we want to do is spend hours on house cleaning and maintenance.

6 Ways to Bring Zen to Your Home

6 Ways To Bring Zen To Your Home

Any place which is conducive to perform certain activities can be known as your Zen space. A quiet place where you can meditate, have a dainty cup of tea, perform yoga or just soak into the serene ambience is the Zen area.

Basics of Feng Shui

Basics Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Vastu Shastra of Chinese culture. In their culture, Feng means wind and Shui means water.

Trending Vintage Interior Design Ideas

Trending Vintage Interior Design Ideas

Vintage décor has always been in demand. It is fashionable, loud and cheerful.

Have You Been Storing Your Toiletries Wrong All This While?

Have You Been Storing Your Toiletries Wrong All This While?

No one wants to walk into a room which is filled with mess. And as a fact the messiest room out of all the rooms in our home is the bathroom.

Useful Tips to Keep Stored Comforters and Blankets Smelling Fresh

Useful Tips To Keep Stored Comforters And Blankets Smelling Fresh

Getting all the blankets and comforters dry cleaned before stashing them back is a common practice. This is done in hope to take them out smelling fresh and ready to use in the next season.

Decorate for Holidays Keeping Safety in Mind

Decorate For Holidays Keeping Safety In Mind

The most awaited season of the year, the holiday season has begun, and people throughout the world have started prepping up for the festivities.

How to Firm Up or Soften a Bed Mattress

How To Firm Up Or Soften A Bed Mattress

A bed mattress is one of the most important furnishing items in any household. People require hard or soft mattress depending on their comfort and health conditions.

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