Your Design Guide for Industrial Décor

Your Design Guide For Industrial Décor

So, what’s an Industrial style decor? Historically, Industrial style was not even a style until recently.

12 Types of Sofa Style

12 Types Of Sofa Style

Sofa is an integral part of every home. If you are shopping for a sofa, it’s better to know some styles so you can pick your favourite.

Get the Picture-Perfect Furniture Arrangement

Get The Picture-Perfect Furniture Arrangement

Arranging furniture, the correct way is a serious business. It requires attention to detail and thorough research before finalising one.

Modular Kitchen Layouts

Modular Kitchen Layouts

Are you thinking to remodel your kitchen or preparing your kitchen floor plan? Wondering what type of modular kitchen design will suffice your needs.

Optimize Storage Solutions for Your Kid’s Bedroom

Optimize Storage Solutions For Your Kid’s Bedroom

Let’s face it a child’s room can be the biggest mess that needs immense storage space to stow away toys, stationeries, clothes and more. The ever increasing need hardly seems to end and with time their rooms start to cramp up.

Footstools- How to Buy the Perfect One

Footstools- How To Buy The Perfect One

Footstools are purposeful pieces of furniture that are capable of completing the look of the room in a beautiful way. In basic terms, a footstool encompasses of padded cushions with atop wooden frames that serve as foot rests.

Traditional Wardrobe Buying Guide

Traditional Wardrobe Buying Guide

Serving as an important piece of storage in almost every house, wardrobes tend to dominate the look of the room. A traditional wardrobe has a streamlined shape, has multiple bars to hang clothes and may or may not have intricate and ornate carvings.

Office Chairs Buying Guide

Office Chairs Buying Guide

When buying chairs for your office, whether for a dedicated office space or for your home office, there are many things that one should consider and keep in mind.

6 Quick Tips for Buying Different Furniture

6 Quick Tips For Buying Different Furniture

Buying furniture for your home might sound simple and easy but before taking a decision on what needs to be added to your abode, you should be well aware of what exactly are you looking for. Every furniture piece around has some elements or characteristics which help in determining whether it is a good or a bad fit for your home.

How to Choose Club Chairs

How To Choose Club Chairs

Before getting into the details of a club chair, first let’s get to know what is the difference between a club chair and an armchair. An armchair is always designed with arms whereas club chairs do not necessarily come with arms

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