Ideas to Beautify Your Home with Tie and Dye

Ideas To Beautify Your Home With Tie And Dye

Tie and dye is a famous technique seen in fashion past many years. Spreading its wings from fashion to home décor, interior designers have used this concept beautifully bringing out the best of colours and their variations.

Smart Ways to Decorate with Purple

Smart Ways To Decorate With Purple

It’s not easy to work with a colour like “Purple”. It’s not a widely used colour nor a much-intended accent colour.

Pretty Shades of Blue for Your Front Door

Pretty Shades Of Blue For Your Front Door

Nothing is more welcoming than a beautifully coloured front door. Some people are experts in choosing the right colour while some lack the skill.

The Season of Vividness! Perfect Winter Colours for Living Room

The Season Of Vividness! Perfect Winter Colours For Living Room

The winter is finally here leaving behind the long sunny days and scorching heat. Most of us are fond of this season and feel a magical connect with the fragrant air, shorter days and cosy nights.

Bold & Beautiful-Black Kitchen Island

Bold & Beautiful-Black Kitchen Island

Black is classic. It is the colour which when placed correctly can be uber-cool and modern, traditional and luxe or sophisticated and elegant.

Kitchen Colour Palette

Kitchen Colour Palette

Kitchen colours can range from a whole lot delightful, cheerful, bold to airy and warm. It entirely depends on you if you want to be greeted with bright & bold colours or want to start your day with calm & muted tones.

Pretty Peach for Your Home Decor

Pretty Peach For Your Home Decor

Enliven your space by using a dash of peach in your interior décor. You can mix & match peach with similar hues of red, orange or pink and you can also pair peach with neutral colours for an elegant look.

Splash of Yellow for Your Home Décor

Splash Of Yellow For Your Home Décor

Yellow is a colour that has always been in contradictions. Different cultures associate yellow with a wide range of emotions & feelings.

Aqua Beauty! A Cool Colour for Cushions

Aqua Beauty! A Cool Colour For Cushions

Every colour we know of has some unique meaning. And with a very good reason the colour aqua has become one of the best choices for cushions whether it is for indoors or outdoors.

What Does Your Rug Colour Say About You?

What Does Your Rug Colour Say About You?

Even though the general idea of a rug is to provide you a comfortable and cushy floor along with beautification of a room, the different colours you use have something to say about you. The colours have a hidden meaning and understanding them to create a symbolic décor is a great way to bring in happiness in your home.

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