Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Small bathrooms can wreak havoc on one’s life if every inch of space is not utilised properly. It can be tricky to arrange all the toiletries in the most efficient way without being a little smart.

Beautiful Ways to Use Stained Glass

Beautiful Ways To Use Stained Glass

Stained glass is coloured glass with decorative or pictorial designs. The most commonly noticeable is inside a church where they usually decorate the windows with stained glass.

How to Choose Bathroom Furniture?

How To Choose Bathroom Furniture?

Are you customising a new bathroom or just renovating the old one? No matter what your plans are, choosing the right bathroom furniture is as important as any other home furniture.

Bathroom Secrets! History of a Bathrobe

Bathroom Secrets! History Of A Bathrobe

Have you ever conjectured the origin of bathrobes? The journey of a bathrobe basically began with the robe.

6 Ways to Bring Zen to Your Home

6 Ways To Bring Zen To Your Home

Any place which is conducive to perform certain activities can be known as your Zen space. A quiet place where you can meditate, have a dainty cup of tea, perform yoga or just soak into the serene ambience is the Zen area.

Vinyl Shower Curtain Alternatives

Vinyl Shower Curtain Alternatives

Vinyl shower curtains are a popular choice, simply because they are excellent at repelling water. But, when you hang them, the plastic-y odour they impart nearly kills the feel that your bathroom has.

Basics of Feng Shui

Basics Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Vastu Shastra of Chinese culture. In their culture, Feng means wind and Shui means water.

Have You Been Storing Your Toiletries Wrong All This While?

Have You Been Storing Your Toiletries Wrong All This While?

No one wants to walk into a room which is filled with mess. And as a fact the messiest room out of all the rooms in our home is the bathroom.

Buying Tips for Pendant Lights

Buying Tips For Pendant Lights

A Pendant light is a single light fixture that suspends from the ceiling and is hung by a chord, chain or metal rod. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which gracefully adds to the décor of the house.

5 Steps to a bright and better bathroom

5 Steps To A Bright And Better Bathroom

One simply can’t deny that an all-white bathroom is a symbol of cleanliness. But, you’ll also have to agree that keeping the neutral shade maintained and sterile is quite a task too.

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