Beginner's Guide For The Perfect Vignette

Pramila Sarkar

December 30, 2016

What are vignettes?

Vignettes have many dictionary meanings. But, in interior decoration, it means a display of several objects grouped together. It is not the usual display of items. A vignette is a collection of wide variety of objects ranging from different shapes, sizes, metals, etc., all placed together to create a harmonious tableau. You can change a vignette to suit your mood, the season, the occasion or just to showcase your personal favourites.

What are the places to create a vignette?

• A console table top against a wall is one of the simplest and widely used place to create a vignette. The table can be placed near your entry way, your living room or bedroom as a dresser.

• A fire place mantel is also a place where you can give wings to your imagination. If your fireplace mantel has a plain surface, it can be the place to create beauty.

• Wall shelves are another great area for an interesting & unique vignette.

• You can also compose a large vignette on the least used corner of your home.

Things to keep in mind before creating a vignette:

• Creating a vignette is one thing and maintaining it is entirely different. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors that must be kept in mind before deciding on the number of objects.

• Visual beauty is also another important aspect. If you want to keep it simple or create an extravagant one is entirely your choice.

• Create a theme based design or just create it by adding random objects, again it’s your choice. However, if you can personalise the display with some selective mementoes, it will make quite a striking appearance.

The layout - Choose from symmetry, asymmetry or linear


Symmetry means uniformity and consistency. For a symmetrical vignette, you can pair up two pieces of flower vase, lamp shades, photo frames, etc. The pair will become your anchor and everything around it will accentuate the look. Symmetry does wonders to bedroom made for tranquillity. These vignettes offer a classy, balanced and peaceful effect to the ambience of the room.


The opposite of symmetry as we know it. Pulling off an asymmetrical vignette is an art. If done correctly, they exude a modish look. You can create the same with specifically three objects of different heights, texture, colour, etc. or simply place random things by making one of them the anchor of your vignette.


If you want things to be perfectly placed in order, may be linear layout is your way to go. You can showcase your prized possessions, art work, old photo frames, and more in a linear form. However, it is not necessary to have replicas of the same object, you can mix match colours and heights also.

Tip: Stick to the same shape.

Follow these tips to create a beautiful tableau for anyplace in your abode.

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