Beautiful Ways To Use Stained Glass

Pramila Sarkar

December 16, 2016

Stained glass is coloured glass with decorative or pictorial designs. The most commonly noticeable is inside a church where they usually decorate the windows with stained glass. Stained glass has been used as a decorative element since ancient times and applied almost exclusively to the windows of churches, mosques and other buildings of architectural importance. Stained glass is like a blast from the past, and offers a vintage & elegant look.

With modern times, the usage of stained glass has expanded manifolds. If you are thinking of ways to incorporate this design into your home décor, read on the list below for some interesting and creative ideas.

Window Transom

Installing a new window or door with stained glass may not be a feasible option for many. However, you can add a little touch of stained glass to your window transom. A transom is an additional window above a door or serviceable window. The stained-glass window transom will allow natural light and add an aesthetic appeal to your room. A front door with this designer window transom is an excellent addition to any home.

Door with stained window transom

Lamp Shades

Stained glass lamp shades are trending. These Oriental stained glass lanterns add a romantic and regal touch to the ambience. The abstract design offers a traditionally ethnic look which can add oodles of style to any living room.

Stained glass lamp shades


Accenting shower door, windows or shower curtain with stained glass art is a wonderful idea. It is the easiest and least expensive DIY project that one can do given the fabulous effect. The stained glass will become the show stopper of your bathroom.


Glass Dividers

Room dividers are one of the simplest ways to divide and utilise. People who are struggling with small spaces can add privacy to their room by installing a stained glass room divider. It offers the perfect solution for creating an illusion of several rooms. The glass divider will add beauty and functionality to your living space.


Rarely seen, stained glass vases are a great décor element. It is an affordable and easy way to decorate an interior. A stained-glass vase can serve multiple purposes. You can use it as a candle holder, flower case and even use battery operated light fixtures for gleaming beauty.

Stained glass vase

Mason Jars

With mason jars being high on trend, a stained-glass mason jar is an absolute must have. There are various ways to incorporate mason jars in home decor. You can use these for decorative purposes as well as other functionalities. Get yours now!

Stained glass mason jar

Image Source: Itallstartedwithpaint

Cabinet Doors

You can replace your hardwood cabinets with stained glass doors which will add sophistication to your bedroom and kitchen. If hiding clutter behind the doors is your main concern, stained glass doors are the perfect solution. Performance and beauty are the two main features of stained glass cabinet doors.

With so many ways to incorporate this vintage art in your home, you can’t go wrong!

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