Any Soon-to-be-Mommy? Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

Aleenaa Dandona

December 14, 2016

Baby shower or godh-bharayi as called in India is a great way of celebrating the happiness of a mommy-to-be and her pregnancy.

A baby shower for the expectant mother is usually thrown at the end of her term. Although it can be done anytime during the whole pregnancy but as per the Indian mythology, it is believed that during and after the seventh month, both baby and mother are at a safe phase. Also, it helps in lightening up the mood of a mother with all the gifts and presence of her friends and relatives around.

Following are some pointers that will help you throw a successful baby shower in the most organised and beautiful way.

Set the Perfect Date

Deciding on the perfect date for this occasion should include the convenience of everyone, especially the expectant mother. As the celebration are done in the last term of the pregnancy, picking a date that will not make the mother uncomfortable during the celebrations is very important. The timings for the event should be in the morning and for a limited amount of time.

Set the Guest List

A baby shower is usually arranged by the people close to the would-be parents. So, whether you are a friend, relative or a colleague, make sure you have a guest list with all the people who the parents-to-be would want to a part of this occasion. If the baby shower is a surprise to the expectant mother, you can consult the father-to-be for the all the guests that need to be invited. Send the invites through e-mails, calls, or social media for everyone to the block the date for the event.

Set the Venue

Choose a venue which is comfortable and convenient to the mother. Other factors include the number of people and the budget. One of the best options for the venue is at the house of the parents-to-be. This venue is comfortable for the mother as she can easily rest if she wishes to during the celebrations.

Decide on the Budget

Drawing up a budget is very important in accordance to the number of people attending the party. Budget should be set per various factors like venue, food, cake, decorations, return gifts and more. This segregation will help you draw a price per head and hence the budget you need to allocate.

Decorations and Food

There is a huge variety of different decorating items available online and offline for baby showers. You can pick a perfect baby theme and brighten up the space with balloons, glimmering lights, artificial flowers and more. Make sure you get a mom-to-be sash for the mother to add to her happiness and enjoyment.

For an afternoon event, it is perfect to prepare a full meal with drinks for the guests. For an early evening event, go for light snacks like finger food served with cocktails and mock tails.

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