6 Ways To Bring Zen To Your Home

Pramila Sarkar

December 01, 2016

Any place which is conducive to perform certain activities can be known as your Zen space. A quiet place where you can meditate, have a dainty cup of tea, perform yoga or just soak into the serene ambience is the Zen area. It is all about the peaceful balance of mind & body by avoiding clutter. So, how do you create your own Zen area? Let us look at some ways to incorporate a Zen space into our homes.

Follow the steps given below to achieve the serenity of Japanese style Zen décor.

1) Minimalism

Minimalist design implies open spaces. Opt for minimum furniture and keep your rooms organised by using double-duty furniture items. It is the rule to be followed for your décor items as well. Keep your wall clutter free with minimalist decoration.

Japanese style home decor

2) Earthy colours

Soft hues and natural colours create the base for Zen design. Add shades of natural colour such as grey, white, and light pastel colours for a beautiful bright look which creates a spacious feeling. The earthy shades should be used smartly for furniture & furnishings alike. If natural lighting is a problem, then add layers of lighting for a brilliant look. Remember, keep it clean and clutter-free.

3) Simple craftsmanship

Japanese culture is largely influenced by craftsmanship and so does Zen area. They embrace the spirit whole heartedly which focuses on details and simple designs. You can add creative & aesthetically pleasing furniture in your room for a delightful decor.

4) The indoor-outdoor flow

Their décor has always seen a beautiful transition from indoor to outdoors. For instance, their homes are well-ventilated with shoji doors and windows which offer a seamless transition. You can also install sliding doors made from glass or translucent synthetic material for a contemporary look which allows natural light and fresh air when required while retaining privacy.

5) Nature

A Zen decor is all in praise and love with nature. Their interior decoration always has elements of nature such as soaking tubs, bonsai plants, bamboo trees, etc., placed inside the house. You can also bring nature indoors by adding various indoor plants (flowering or non-flowering), water fountains, etc., to enliven your living room décor.

6) Natural scents

Essential oils are a natural way to invite the essence of Zen area into your home. A home which smells fresh will naturally draw in positivity and create a peaceful ambience. You can also use homemade potpourris for a modern touch to natural scents.

Scented candles

Simplicity, serenity and functionality dictate a Zen area. The interior décor & furniture is based on minimalism. Tranquillity and simplicity invoke the Zen spirit. You are sure to achieve the serenity and peaceful balance of mind & body by avoiding clutter. With these simple steps, you can successfully imbibe the spirit of Zen.

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